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Immigration Evaluations Houston

Licensed in Texas & Colorado

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The main focus of my practice is conducting immigration evaluations. Compared to others I provide two sessions to have a complete and thorough evaluation regarding your hardship or trauma experience. I will work diligently to make the most detailed evaluation for your case. My goal is for the evaluation to be as thorough as possible so no further evidence regarding your hardship or mental health is asked for. A mental health evaluation can add tremendous value to your immigration case. If you have an attorney, I will be more than happy to work alongside them to be able to provide the best service to you and to understand your needs. Additionally, I have worked with immigrants for the past 10 years and understand the difficulties they face on a day to day basis.


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|The mental health evaluation for immigration can be one of the most importance pieces of evidence for your immigration case. | 


|La evaluación de la salud mental para inmigración puede ser una de las pruebas de mayor importancia para su caso de inmigración.|

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